2.15 To one of discrimination, all is suffering indeed

परिणामतापसंस्कारदुःखैर्गुणवृत्तिविरोधाच्च दुःखमेव सर्वं विवेकिनः

parinama tapa samskara dukhair guna vrtti virodhat ca dukham eva sarvam vivekinah

To one of discrimination, all is suffering indeed, due to change, fear of future pain and memories; and also suffering from thoughts caused by the contrary three gunas.

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, 2.15

parinama = transformation, alteration, consequences
tapa = anxiety, anguish, pain
samskara = subtle impressions created from past experiences
dukhair = suffering, pain, sorrow
guna = 3 qualities
vrtti = thoughts, mind
virodhat = contradiction, opposition
ca = and
dukham = suffering, pain, sorrow
eva = indeed, is only
sarvam = all
vivekinah = one who discriminates

Maybe a simple refuge from this is to look for small joys in the present moment, rather and being caught up in our minds in the past or the future.

What small joys have you had today?

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