During the Summer of 2019, I was sitting in Hanushka Coffee House on George St in Hastings with Dan (we call it the “book cafe” and they do amazing lattes and paninis and have shelves of books you can read) and was looking through one of their books with a page about Batemans (Jacobean house owned by Rudyard Kipling) and noticed this quote and liked it so much wrote it down on something I had to hand –

God gives all men all earth to love,
But, since man’s heart is small,
Ordains for each one spot shall prove
Beloved over all.

From “Sussex” by Rudyard Kipling

Later I noticed I had noted it down on a London Tube map and thought it was rather fitting – despite that I may not live there again and thinking that I prefer the countryside and seaside, perhaps London is my beloved over all ❤︎

Which spot of earth is beloved over all for you?

2min Okutama River Meditation

Here is a 2min river meditation, created in Okutama, Japan.

  • Start the video or audio, sit with a straight back, your chin slightly pulled in, relax your shoulders and close your eyes (or lie down if too tired!).
  • Relax and slow down your breathing.
  • Listen to the river, each time you notice your mind has wandered, gently go back to listening to the river.

Download Audio File