Yoga Sutra Illustration 2.14

ते ह्लादपरितापफलाः पुण्यापुण्यहेतुत्वात्

te hlada paritapa falah punya apunya hetutvat

The karmas bear fruits of pleasure or pain, caused by virtue or vice.

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, 2.14

te = they (karmas)
hlada = pleasure
paritapa = pain
falah = fruits
punya = virtue
apunya = vice
hetutvat = cause

Looking at this from a psychological point of view, we often judge our own and others actions as bad and suffer emotionally for it, or get stuck thinking about the past or future.

How about taking a deep breath, putting judgements and thinking aside for a moment, and enjoying the present moment?

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