Wanty Wanty List

Thought I’d share something that’s worked quite well for me as a parent. My son seems to have an insatiable desire for things (like many of us 😅) and would always be asking me “Mummy I really want that! Please please can I have it?”. Almost as soon as he got it he would want something else, a bit like the Hattifatteners in the Moomin books, trying to reach the horizon in their boat.

So we made a “Wanty Wanty List” and whenever he wants something we put it on there and it really seems to help and be less overwhelming as can just work towards the one thing at the top of the list.

Sometimes just the act of putting things on the list seems to satisfy him in itself too 😊

What would you put on your list?

2 responses to “Wanty Wanty List”

  1. Wanda Avatar

    A pony, a dog and a goat … oh and some pet rats! Xxx

    1. Grace Kishino Avatar

      Aah lovely! ❤️ have a horse on ours as well! xxx

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