Yoga Sutra Illustration 1.42

तत्र शब्दार्थज्ञानविकल्पैः संकीर्णा सवितर्का समापत्तिः

tatra sabdartha jnana vikalpaih samkirna savitarka samapattih

There is a kind of illumination (samadhi) where deliberation is based on intermingled sounds, form and knowledge.

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, 1.42

tatra = there
sabda = sound
artha = form
jnana = knowledge
vikalpaih = concept
samkirna = intermingled
savitarka = with deliberation
samapattih = samadhi

Not too sure what this sutra means but maybe it’s something like when you really really listen to music then you can hear the sounds of the separate instruments playing, rather than hearing it as one merged melody.

And one way isn’t better than the other, it’s just a different way of listening to music.

So if you really really listen to (meditate on) reality then you can start to discern more clearly the sounds of it and you can choose and have more freedom with how you harmonise with the world. 🎶❤️🌏

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