Do your bit for the pandemic and world peace through self-help

The whole is in the part and the part is in the whole

Many of us have been feeling quite helpless and overwhelmed with all the suffering in the world at the moment, particularly towards the enormity of the pandemic and the War in the Ukraine.

One way to help is to take actions in the world helping others, such as volunteering, donating and activism.

Another way could be to focus on helping yourself and aligning the focus of that self-help on the negative energies in the world.

So for the coronavirus pandemic practice breathing techniques and journal on what is suffocating us in our lives and uncover what actions we could take to alleviate that suffocation.

For the war in the Ukraine journal about our relationships where we feel attacked and overwhelmed and, if we can, take actions to remedy that suffering through conversations, boundaries, healing our past traumas and forgiveness.

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