2.27 Wisdom in the final stage is sevenfold

तस्य सप्तधा प्रान्तभूमिः प्रज्ञा

tasya saptadha pranta bhumih prajna

Wisdom in the final stage is sevenfold.

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, 2.27

tasya = it has
saptadha = sevenfold
pranta = final
bhumih = stage
prajna = wisdom

The flowers have seven colours to represent the seven stages, connecting with themes like the seven chakras and rainbows! 🌈

This sutra also reminded me of the seven mansions of the soul, as described by Teresa of Avila in her book, The Interior Castle. So that’s why I drew a castle first (can see it in the video below). 🏰 💖

2 responses to “2.27 Wisdom in the final stage is sevenfold”

  1. Cathy Avatar

    Love this! So glad you’ve started these again. Xxx

    1. Grace Avatar

      Thank you! Hoping to do then a bit more regularly again xxx

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