Yoga Sutra Illustration 2.9

स्वरसवाही विदुषोऽपि तथारूढोऽभिनिवेशः

sva rasa vahi viduso ‘pi tatha rudho ‘bhinivesah

Intentness for life, having it’s own power flowing, is rooted even in the wise.

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, 2.9

sva = it’s own
rasa = potency
vahi = flowing
vidusah (viduso) = in the wise
api (‘pi) = even
tatha = thus
rudhah (rudho) = rooted, established
abhinivesah (‘bhinivesah) = intentness for life

We seem to have intendedness for life not only for ourselves, but also for the life around us.

As we might want to tend to a plant by trimming or encouraging it to grow in a certain direction, we can tend to the hurting parts of our ego and encourage the more loving parts to grow ❤️

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