Yoga Sutra Illustration 2.4

अविद्याक्षेत्रमुत्तरेषां प्रसुप्ततनुविच्छिन्नोदाराणाम्

avidya ksetram uttaresam prasupta tanu vicchinn odaranam

blindness to absolute truth is the ground, the rest are either dormant, weak, suppressed or fully active

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, 2.4

avidya = blindness to absolute truth
ksetram = ground
uttaresam = the rest
prasupta = dormant
tanu = weak
vicchinn = supressed
odaranam = fully active

Just like a string on a harp, it can be silent or have a weak, suppressed or resonating vibration.

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