Yoga Sutra Illustration 1.35

विषयवती वा प्रवृत्तिरुत्पन्ना मनसः स्थितिनिबन्धिनी॥३५॥

visayavati va pravrtti rutpanna manasah sthiti nibandhini

(calmness) also arises by concentrating mind on senses or thoughts

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, 1.35

visayavati = senses
va = also
pravrtti = thoughts
utpanna = arises
manasah = mind
sthiti = state
nibandhini = steady

Here’s a simple tea (or any kind of drink) meditation 🙂

* Feel it’s warmth through your hands
* Look at the cup and tea and appreciate its beauty
* Taste and enjoy the tea

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