1.23 Also through devotion to god

ishvara pranidhanadva

Illumination can also be reached by devotion to god.

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, 1.23

ishvara = god
pranidhana = devotion / surrender / contemplation
va = also

While thinking of what to draw for this one, I was trying to explain what it means to my son Dan and said something like “When you try to work hard to reach illumination by doing good, meditating, study, etc and it doesn’t work or you just can’t work out what to do or practice, you can just leave it up to god.” He said “Why don’t you draw those?” (pointing to the yuzu on the table) and went on to explain it was because we didn’t expose them to sunlight which is what makes them turn yellow, yet they turned yellow anyway.
So perhaps there is hope for all of us!

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