1.6 They are knowledge, misconception, imagination, sleep and memory

pramana viparyaya vikalpa nidra smrtayah
प्रमाण विपर्यय विकल्प निद्रा स्मृतयः

They are knowledge, misconception, imagination, sleep and memory

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, 1.6

pramana = knowledge
viparyaya = misconception
vikalpa = imagination
nidra = sleep
smrtayah = memory

This one is naming the 5 kind of thoughts mentioned in the previous sutra. The following sutras will go into more detail about what each one is.

If you want to get out of compelling thoughts, throughout the day (or during meditation) you can notice which one your thoughts fall into.

Today I noticed I was thinking about making a retreat centre in the country side and thinking about where it should be and imagining all these little huts with different colour umbrella shaped roofs like those paper umbrellas that you get in cocktails and actually open and shut (I really love them!).

So this one is mainly imagination but the umbrella part is memory and maybe about longing for a time in childhood when I was so happy playing with those umbrellas.

One response to “1.6 They are knowledge, misconception, imagination, sleep and memory”

  1. I can tell you Grace I absolutely loved those small paper parasols when I was a child. I had an Aunt and Uncle with a Cocktail cabinet, fashionable after the War, and when they opened it they had those inside.
    Also when my Mother and Father went to Dinner/ Dances, as they called them in those days, they would bring them back for me. Happy Days!

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