Private Yoga Sessions in the Comfort of your Home or Office

Feeling Stressed Out? Relax & Refresh with Yoga!

As a qualified and experienced yoga teacher I can help you care for your well-being through yoga.

Sessions are personalised to your needs and available in Shinjuku, Shibuya and other areas of central Tokyo or Online.

Benefits of Private Yoga Sessions

  • Can focus on your needs and goals
  • Convenient – choose your time and location
  • Feel comfortable and less self-conscious
  • Beginners can safely prepare for group classes
  • Can modify the practice to suit health conditions, injuries or pregnancy

Complete beginners welcome! 😊💖

1 session (1 hour)Â¥10,000
10 session package (10% off)Â¥90,000
There may be additional charges for travel / venue hire


“I remember feeling nervous about the Yoga class because I have the stiffest body in the world, but Grace made it very casual and fun. Her positive energy dispersed my self-consciousness making my first yoga experience thoroughly enjoyable!” – N.

“I am a beginner but Grace gave me confidence and I felt a great benefit from an hour of yoga under her guidance. I was struck by how calm I felt just being in her presence and I love her teaching style.” – M.

“Grace is a teacher who walks the talk, and who inspires me to strive to embody the equanimity that is at the heart of yoga. Her presence is gentle and solid, and she gives clear and simple guidance so I can keep my focus within, in the body, in the moment. She excels at creating a safe and peaceful space, and I always leave her classes feeling soothed and grounded. Thank you, Grace!” – N.

“I spent a week doing yoga with Grace at a retreat in Mexico. It set a very calm tone for each day of our retreat and the experience she led us through helped me to feel confident to explore yoga a lot further.” – G.

“I recall your yoga as calm but effective. Deliberate and deep yet peaceful and flowing. I really enjoyed the experience as well as your presence. It was a wonderful sharing.” – G.

“ I loved your yoga class because you are so gentle, yet thorough. My body felt loose and not stretched and I finished with such peace in my heart.” – K.

“Graceさんからヨガを習って、3年が経ちますが、彼女のヨガレッスンは、本当に癒やされます! ヨガをしながら、時には仕事のこと、育児のこと、色々なことをお話しながらメンタルサポートもして下さり、毎回、ヨガのレッスンの後はパワーがみなぎり、精神的にもとても穏やかな気持ちになれます。本当に感謝しています。” – Y.

“ ふつう”のヨガはがんばって複雑なポーズをするもの、とゆう概念がありましたがこの「陰ヨガ」はまったくの目から鱗でした。一見ものたりないくらいのこの空間には、とても「贅沢な」時間がながれてゆきます。” – T.