Plant-based Simnel Cake Recipe

This cake is based on the usual teacake recipe I use and quite forgiving so you can mix and match ingredients if you don't have everything!IngredientsFor the marzipan180g ground almonds140g brown sugar1/2 tsp vanilla essence3 tbsp waterFor the cake300g dried fruit (raisins, sultanas, etc.)260ml hot tea (about one mug of tea)40ml juice and grated peel… Continue reading Plant-based Simnel Cake Recipe

Breakfast Smoothie Recipe

Am trying Veganuary this month and made this smoothie for breakfast out of ingredients I found in our kitchen, it was really good! Here’s the recipe: Blend all these ingredients together with a mixer or blender (serves one): Large handful or frozen mangoHandful of frozen blueberries Juice of half a lemon1/2 tsp chia seedstbsp maple… Continue reading Breakfast Smoothie Recipe