The Unseen

While walking along Hastings beachfront with my nephew, I asked him “How do you know if the past and future exist if you can’t see them? Where are they?” and he replied “Don’t be such an idiot, Grace!! just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean it isn’t there!”

D’ye see, after allowing a little space for the light to spread, nothing resting?

Day into night, and through night into day the remote, Unseen

Eventually to be visited:

After being chased, through night, through darkness, successful in the end, the wind and sea allies;

Touching the heart

worked anew.

Made this poem using an exercise in a journal/ notebook called “THE STEAL LIKE AN ARTIST JOURNAL” by Austin Kleon. I love it! It seems to inspire and release creativity 🙂

Kafka on the Shore

I actually read this ages ago but on the way to London in June something happened that reminded me of the book. While Dan was running round the aisles of the plane he kept bumping into this man who would ask him if he had seen his crocodile. The man told me that he knew Haruki Murakami and Johnnie Walker in this book was based on him. Not sure if it was true but it was quite weird and Murakami-like anyway.