Mini Terrariums

I made these with my son Dan in lockdown and some of them are still alive and healthy!

To make some terrariums you will need:

  • Glass jars with lids
  • sand and/or gravel (optional)
  • earth
  • moss
  • pebbles, twigs, etc for decoration
  • water spray bottle (or just water)

Put in the sand or gravel first if you them, then the earth, then moss and decorate with pebbles and twigs if you like. Spray or sprinkle some water over the moss and put the lid on the jar. Put the terrariums somewhere you can enjoy them!

To care for the terrarium, occasionally open the jar and add fresh water if needed.

Origami Food

I made Dan some food from origami paper for his kitchen. He also likes bringing out this food when we eat and putting it on the table.



Make your own origami food!

All you need is –

  • origami paper (or some kind of coloured paper – could colour in some white paper or cut some out of newspapers, magazines,etc)
  • scissors
  • glue or tape or folding skills

Homemade Toy Boxes

Made Dan some boxes to keep books and cars in. I got some sticky coloured paper from the 100 yen shop to decorate them.

Make your own homemade toy boxes!

All you need is –

  • cardboard boxes
  • paper or sticky paper
  • scissors
  • glue or tape

Have fun making the boxes 🙂