Yoga Sutra Illustration 1.2

Calm your thoughts to experience yoga

yogas citta vrtti nirodhah

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, 1.2

yogas = yoga (is)
citta = thoughts
vrtti = whirlpool, waves
nirodhah = supress, restrain

I often get the feeling I don’t want to restrain things – wanting everything to be free! But yoga in this sutra feels to me like a natural quelling of thoughts and moving towards peace and connection, like when you sit and look at the ocean.

I added in the seagull next to the person to represent companionship as sometimes I feel there is something lonely about complete oneness. The seagull could also represent the desire of the divine to be in the world, even though he/she can fly like the birds in the distance 🙂

Yoga Sutra Illustration 1.1

Here are the teachings of yoga

atha yoga anushasanam
अथ योगानुशासनम्

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, 1.1

I’m going to try and post an illustration of each yoga sutra every Monday, expressing what it means to me in that moment 🙂

Here is the first one!

atha = now
yoga = yoga
anushasanam = practice/teachings

In this picture, the mat represents discipline and showing up for practice (tapas) and the cat and green tea represent contentment and that it is also OK not to do it (santosa). The shaky sanskrit letters are about trust and just starting despite not knowing exactly what you are doing or where it is going…

Colour Pencils

Been wanting to use some colour pencils that need sharpening for a while. They are chunkier than the standard size, I had a large size pencil sharpener for them but it got broken when the bag it was in got caught in my bicycle wheel when I was cycling to a yoga lesson through Toyama park and I hadn’t got around to getting a new one. This morning while removing flash cards from a yoga anatomy colouring book I suddenly and joyfully realized I could sharpen them with Dan’s penknife!

This pose is Janu Sirsasana – head to knee pose – a forward bend to help gently look forward to the coming year, yet still holding 2020 – a year that has stretched many of us beyond what we can bear.

Gold homemade pen box

I made this from an ice cream box and some stickers I had at home, the gold glitter sticker was years old, but happily still sticky 🙂
It is the perfect size for my labelling pens and some card labels!

Make your own storage boxes!

All you need is:

  • a clean, empty ice cream box (or similar)
  • stickers, permanent marker pens or masking for decoration

The Unseen

While walking along Hastings beachfront with my nephew, I asked him “How do you know if the past and future exist if you can’t see them? Where are they?” and he replied “Don’t be such an idiot, Grace!! just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean it isn’t there!”

D’ye see, after allowing a little space for the light to spread, nothing resting?

Day into night, and through night into day the remote, Unseen

Eventually to be visited:

After being chased, through night, through darkness, successful in the end, the wind and sea allies;

Touching the heart

worked anew.

Made this poem using an exercise in a journal/ notebook called “THE STEAL LIKE AN ARTIST JOURNAL” by Austin Kleon. I love it! It seems to inspire and release creativity 🙂


Kirigami means cutting paper in Japanese (kiri = cut, gami = paper).

It’s a fun and easy activity to do with children and you use them for decoration or glue them on to paper or card, etc.

You can also use the cut out pieces for something!

Sometimes I like to make one where the kirigami is based on, for example, my whole life and each cut represents an event or relationship. Then the folded part represents your life in time and the opened pattern represents your life in eternity. Other ideas to try are things like just one day, a relationship or an idea!

All the Clothes You Own…

Made pictures of all the clothes I have – thought it might help me get a big picture of what is there and help me decide which ones to keep!

If you want to try it, you just need:

  • Some paper
  • Pen or pencil
  • Watercolor paint (or coloured pens, pencils etc.)
  • All your clothes (can draw them in batches if lots of them)

I used loose paper, rather than a notebook as easier to lay them all out and see them together. Noticed I have a lot more “tops” than “bottoms” 😊